Expansion joints and bellows

Every year, we manufacture hundreds of various fabric connectors. We produce connectors for applications including fans, ducts, and conveyors. We also provide rubber and steel expansion joints as needed.

Connectors to specification

We manufacture all bellows according to customer dimensions and application requirements. Unconventional designs and solutions are well within our capabilities. In addition to our in-house production, our reliable and extensive network of subcontractors enables various surface treatments and additional services for metal components.

Our in-house production and vast product inventory ensure our ability to respond swiftly and commence production upon receiving an order. 

Rubber and steel bellows

We also supply rubber and full-metal bellows as required. Rubber bellows are a good solution for applications such as low-temperature systems containing gases, where they help to compensate for thermal expansion and vibration. Steel bellows are suitable for high-temperature and high-pressure environments. Various structural and material options are available.

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