Insulation jackets and pillows

Our high-quality insulation pillows, which we manufacture, are an excellent choice when seeking alternatives to traditional insulation. The easy removal and reinstallation of the insulation offer significant savings in labor time as well.

Insulation pillows for energy savings

Applications for insulation pillows include flanges, valves, pumps, electrical resistors, pipelines, as well as various equipment and their components.

Insulation pillows can be used for thermal insulation against both cold and heat, as well as for soundproofing. Protecting against heat is often essential from a safety perspective alone, as thermal insulation is an excellent means of safeguarding against burns. Achieving energy efficiency through high-quality insulation is another compelling reason to invest in insulation quality. 

For more information, please contact our sales team, and let’s get your insulation matters sorted out.

In accordance with customer requirements

Our insulation pillows are always custom-made to meet the specific requirements of our customers, considering their intended applications and using the highest-quality materials. We offer a complete service, from sizing to installation, following a turnkey approach when needed. There are various material solutions available for both the surface and insulation materials of the pillows. The method of attachment can also be chosen from multiple options based on what best aligns with the customer’s demands. 

The advantage of insulation using these pillows lies in the ease and speed of installation, as well as their reusability. In our production facility, we produce thousands of insulation pillows each year.

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